PressPLUGGY Final Conference: The social platform for cultural heritage was unveiled to the public at Innovathens

A Press Release was issued by the I-SENSE Group of ICCS and distributed in various Greek media contacts about the organisation of the PLUGGY Final Conference-a two-day interactive event entitled “Europeans to become online heritage curators” that was held on November 20, 2019, at INNOVATHENS powered by Samsung, the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Hub of Technopolis City of Athens. The event was also live streamed across Europe.

The European project PLUGGY is coordinated by the Institute of Communication and Computer System (ICCS) and consists of an interdisciplinary consortium of 9 partners from 5 countries. Partners have worked together under the same vision to encourage citizens to contribute effectively and directly to the promotion and preservation of local cultural heritage.

PLUGGY is Europe’s first social networking platform for cultural heritage, which gives voice to the citizens across Europe, enables them to safeguard and enrich the European cultural heritage landscape. The PLUGGY social platform and the pluggable applications (PLUGGY3D, PLUGGY Pins, PlugSonic Suite and Games Hunter) were built upon the idea of empowering European citizens to be actively involved in cultural heritage activities and act not only as observers, but also as maintainers, creators, major influencing factors and more importantly as ambassadors of their country’s Culture and History.

The Press Release is available in Greek.

Among others, the press release was published in the following key sector news portals and newsletters:

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