I-SENSE participation in the 1st Greek Forum on Cancer: Policy, Research & Funding Strategies

The 1st Greek Forum on Cancer: Policy, Research & Funding Strategies was completed successfully last week and our researchers, Dr Dimitra Dionysiou, Division leader of Health Technologies, and Georgos Megas, Head of Innovation & Networking Unit participated in panels and discussions. 

As Greece moves towards the implementation of a National Cancer Plan, the adoption of corresponding policies and funding strategies is necessary for the effective management of cancer, the promotion and strengthening of cancer research, and the improvement of healthcare services. At the same time, since 2021, the European Commission, by developing “The European Cancer Plan” and “EU Mission on Cancer” program, has focused on the need to better understand cancer and provide support for its proper management by member states.

Taking these into consideration, the 2-day ELLOK Forum on 1st and 2nd of July  highlighted current challenges and opportunities by inviting the representatives of the state, public health authorities, and research institutes from Greece and Europe, health economics experts, academic and scientific institutions, healthcare professionals, representatives from the healthcare industry and digital technologies, and patient organizations to engage in a fruitful conversation.

Dimitra Dionysiou participated in the panel ‘Sharing Perspectives: Participating in Cancer EU Projects” and Georgos Megas contributed to the panel “Regional Resources”: 

To find more about the event’s agenda visit here



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