Institute Structure


I-SENSE research group is integrated in the structure of the Institute of Communication and Computer Systems (ICCS) of the National Technical University of Athens, as one of its Research Groups/Laboratories. 

ICCS/NTUA is directed by its director and a 5-member board supported by an administration team. On the research/technical side, there is a single layer hierarchy comprising of independent research teams, forming up the so called ‘laboratories’ or ‘research units’. 

Currently within ICCS/NTUA there exist approximately 50 such research teams, headed by faculty members of ECE-NTUA or the appointed ICCS/NTUA researchers. I-SENSE Group is one of these research teams and has a well defined structure dependent on more than 100 highly qualified researchers.  Dr Angelos Amditis is the founder and director of the I-SENSE Group.