AutoMoTIF Project Kickoff in Athens: Pioneering Multimodal Transport Automation

We are excited to announce the launch of the AutoMoTIF project, coordinated by our team at the Institute of Communication and Computer Systems (ICCS). This initiative is part of the Horizon Europe program, aiming to revolutionize logistics and transport sectors with innovative multimodal cargo flow and logistics supply chain automation strategies.

With a budget of €3.9 million and a duration of 36 months, AutoMoTIF brings together a consortium of 17 partners from various sectors. The project will focus on developing strategies, business models, and regulatory recommendations to seamlessly integrate and automate multimodal transport systems across Europe. Our goal is to enhance the interoperability and operational efficiency of these systems, addressing both regulatory and technological gaps.

During kickoff meeting, the project’s objectives were examined, emphasizing the importance of addressing regulatory and technological gaps in multimodal transport. There were also underscored the necessity of ensuring that innovations are aligned with the needs of users and the broader community.

AutoMoTIF represents a significant step forward in revolutionizing the logistics and transport industry. By addressing regulatory and technological gaps, we aim to create a more efficient, sustainable, and user-friendly transport system, based on automation of both processes and means” said Angelos Amditis, Project Coordinator and Research & Development Director at ICCS – NTUA.

The role of ICCS in the project will initially involve the identification of a stakeholder community and the co-definition of requirements for the implementation of operational automation among transport modes and hubs. Following that, an analysis of the social, cost, environmental and safety aspects of the new AutoMoTIF scenarios and use cases will take place. Moreover, ICCS will develop a use case that will focus on the automated berthing/unberthing of freight vessels and on the investigation of potential benefits of its use. The existence of synergies among this and the rest of AutoMoTIF use cases will then be explored, by documenting the supply chain workflow and processes that can benefit by automation.

All Partners:

I-SENSE Group/ICCS, MOSAIC FACTOR, EURECAT, Università degli Studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia, Eurnex e. V., Bilbao PortLab, Consignaciones Toro y Betolaza, Vicomtech, Circle Group, Magellan Circle Italy, MIS – Magli Intermodal Service, Trinity College Dublin, TELENAVIS A.E., (FSCOM), ALICE, North Sea Terminal Bremerhaven GmbH, Development & Innovation in Transport Systems (DITS srl), Data and System Planning SA, Scuola Universitaria Professionale della Svizzera Italiana (SUPSI)


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