SEAMLESS: New Horizon Europe project for NTUA!

The Horizon Europe SEAMLESS project kick-off meeting held on 16th and 17th of February 2023, in Brussels, Belgium where 47 representatives from 26 leading partners and 6 Affiliated Entities from different industries, R&D and technology areas from 12 EU counties, got together to officially launch the project’s activities.  SEAMLESS aims at developing and adapting missing technological building blocks and key enabling technologies into a fully automated, economically viable, cost-effective, and resilient waterborne freight feeder service for Short Sea Shipping (SSS) and Inland Waterways Transport (IWT).  National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) is the Project Coordinator, also the Quality Assurance Manager, and a Technology Provider. NTUA is represented by two of its research groups: ISense Group and the Laboratory for Maritime Transport (LMT).

The SEAMLESS consortium relies on four SME technology partners (TIC4.0, AWAKE.AI, ESI, AMARIS), six large technology providers (KMNO, KMFI, MCGFI, MCGNO, CTOFj, MCGSE), four world-class European research and technology organisations (NTUA, SO, TUD, NTNU) and seven related to: logistics operations (ISL, DST, FTTE), regulatory (VNF, IDIT), cybersecurity (IRTSX) dissemination and exploitation (PNO, INNEN, ALICE). SEAMLESS solutions will be validated and assessed in real-life experiments supported by key enabling partners (ZULU, ASKO, INLS, VPF, POA, PODU, BERGEN, PCT) and classification society (BV).

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