MOSES project, coordinated by the National Technical University of Athens, just launched an Open Call for the selection of one candidate able to provide the necessary dataset that will enable transferability of the MOSES Matchmaking Platform to a TEN-T corridor (other than the MED and Orient/East Med) that has an established yet underperforming SSS route.

MOSES is an EU-funded European project that aims to enhance the SSS component of the European supply chain by addressing the vulnerabilities and strains related to the operation of large containerships. A two-fold strategy will be followed, in order to reduce the total time to berth for TEN-T Hub Ports and to stimulate the use of SSS feeder services to small ports that have limited or no infrastructure.

The chosen candidate shall be in the position to provide real logistics and transport network related data of their own enterprise and/or of collaborating organisations.

The selected applicant will provide the required dataset with a maximum remuneration of €30.000 (VAT included).


  1. Tender, available for download here.
  2. Application form, available for download here.
  3. Declaration form, available for download here.

The completed Application Form shall be converted to PDF format and digitally signed by the legal representative of the applicant, using any format having legal value (e.g. CAdES, PAdES).

The signed document (P7M or PDF format, respectively) must be attached to an e-mail sent to the application mailbox between 6-Jul-2023 and 31-Aug-2023 (05:00:00 PM CEST).

All applications received after 31-Aug-2023 at 05:00:00 PM CEST will be automatically discarded.

Applicants are strongly recommended to submit their applications with a reasonable advance over the deadline, in order to ensure they are successfully delivered in time, even in case of technical or connectivity problems.

MOSES will immediately send a confirmation receipt to the e-mail address submitting the application, notifying that it has been taken in charge by the system; such confirmation does not certify that the application is complete and suitable for evaluation, but simply that the e-mail was received in time.

To learn more about the project visit:

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