HYPERION’s Holistic Resilience Assessment Platform in a Video! A step towards protecting EU’s cultural heritage

The European project HYPERION recently completed its four-year and a half research journey, under which a Decision-Making Support System (Holistic Assessment Resilience Platform), relating to the sustainable restoration of historical areas and the successful handling of climate change and natural phenomena effects on monuments, was developed!

Learn more about the Platform through an instructive video which was just launched! The video is available on YouTube in the following link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hKpjGiMr6AY&t=1s

HYPERION which was coordinated by I-SENSE Group, utilized existing tools, innovative technologies, climatological models, Copernicus services, and ground-based and satellite imagery. As a result, it developed mathematical models to create a digital platform that collects and processes data from monument sites. The information produced enables cultural authorities and public institutions to receive updates in real-time and to mitigate the risks which threaten historical sites, while at the same time providing predictive models for weather-related decay.

Watch the video and discover the innovative ways in which today’s technologies are being adapted to safeguard Europe’s cultural heritage!

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