eVACUATE | 1st Pilot Exercise in Anoeta Stadium, San Sebastien, Spain in October 2016

The first pilot testing of the situation-awareness and guidance system for sustaining the active evacuation route for large crowds developed in the framework of the eVACUATE R&D project, was successfully held in the Real Sociedad Football Stadium, Anoeta, in San Sebastian, from 18 to 22 October, 2016. The objective of the demonstration, conducted with the participation of 120 volunteers (football team’s fans and the stadium’s security personnel), was to demonstrate the functionalities of the integrated eVACUATE system for real-time decision support, dynamic capture of situation awareness and timely guidance and safe evacuation of people out of dangerous areas, like a critical incident during a party in Anoeta Stadium. As part of the demonstration four evacuation scenarios were tested. The overall testing has enabled the security personnel and the fans to assess the capabilities of the eVACUATE system, which provides a common operational picture of critical incidents, dynamically calculates the optimum and safest evacuation route using intelligent fusion of sensors and guides the crowd to the appropriate escape route, through smart communication devices and systems such as dynamic exit sign, digital signs and mobile applications. 

The eVACUATE system performance and scalability will be validated in three more distinct scenarios involving incidents with large crowd at the 1)Underground stations in Bilbao, the 3) Athens International Airport and 4) a STX Cruiseship.


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