DELPHI project Kick Off: Revolutionizing transportation systems for a sustainable future!

DELPHI, an EU funded project which revolutionizes passenger and freight mobility through integration, held its Kick off Meeting on the 4th and 5th of July in Athens and the consortium of 16 partners, from 8 EU and associate countries, announced its groundbreaking initiative to address the growing challenges of passenger and freight mobility. Among other things, the project aims to:

  1. Make cities’ traffic flow better and reduce accidents, injuries, and traffic on roads.
  2. Speed up decision-making and implementation by 30% while improving how decisions are made.
  3. Develop 5 different business models that save money in data processing, transportation planning, and fuel usage.
  4. Share DELPHI’s research findings and models with others for further study.
  5. Contribute to at least 4 groups working on transportation and logistics improvements.

Over the course of the project’s three-year timeframe, there will be a total of four trials conducted across the participating transportation networks located in Spain, Greece, and Romania. These trials aim to facilitate effective preparation and seamless integration of systems, and will involve continuous monitoring of progress to ensure smooth functioning and interconnectivity.

I-SENSE group is coordinating this project, which brings together policy-makers, transport companies, academia, and civil society to shape a future where integrated mobility is the norm!

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