User-friendly, sustainable charging technologies and services: eChargeforDrivers at the ITS World Congress

On Thursday 14th of October at 11:00 CET, I-Sense Group (ICCS) is representing the eChargeforDrivers project with a Special Interest Session (SIS79) at the ITS World Congress in Hamburg on ‘User-friendly, sustainable charging technologies and services’.

This e-mobility session will present user-centric, enhanced charging technologies and services towards promoting the e-mobility concept in the urban environment and ensuring the sustainability of the charging solutions. The charging technologies and services to be discussed will address the three major concerns for the wide deployment of electric vehicles -the increased cost of electric vehicles, the inadequate (public) charging network and user acceptance issues.

The four e-mobility projects participating in this session have conducted wide social surveys in different countries (in Europe and South Korea) to capture user’s charging concerns, needs and expectations. Dr. Evangelia Portouli will be representing the eCharge4drivers, an H2020 project that I-Sense Group is coordinating, focusing on innovative charging solutions for ‘Improving the EV charging experience within cities & for longer trips’. Dr Panagiotis Lytrivis, Senior Researcher ICCS/NTUA is the session’s organiser, while Dr Giannis Karaseitanidis, Technical Director at ICCS, will be moderating the discussion.

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