The RiskPACC Plenary Meeting and 2nd Knowledge Exchange Event were successfully held in Italy

Τhe RiskPACC Project organised its Plenary Meeting and 2nd Knowledge Exchange Event in Padua, Italy on February 21st and 22nd, 2024.  Our team, ISense Group, plays a pivotal role as the RiskPACC Technical Manager and provider of the innovative Aeolian AR mobile application, a cornerstone in the technical developments of the project. During the events, our researcher and Technical Manager of the project, Chrysoula Papathanasiou, contributed to the fruitful discussions, and gave an interesting presentation on the progress achieved and the app’s evolution throughout the project’s lifecycle.

The Aeolian AR mobile app has been developed by ICCS during the implementation of the RiskPACC project. The tool aims to enable dissemination of timely bi-directional information (e.g. warnings) and media (e.g. photos, videos) between citizens, volunteers and Civil Protection Authorities (CPAs) to enhance preparedness and response phases to disastrous natural and human-made hazard events. Further to that, the app is coupled by AR technology, which seamlessly blends real environments and virtual objects, in a user friendly, accessible, and easy-to-digest format. The Aeolian AR mobile app has gamified features (incl. quizzes and AR campaigns) for disaster training that support prevention and consolidation of lessons learnt after a disaster.

RiskPACC will provide an understanding of disaster resilience from the perspective of citizens and CPAs, identifying resilience building initiatives and good practices led by both citizens (bottom-up) and CPAs (top-down).  The “Risk Pack” of solutions will include a framework and methodology to understand and close the Risk Perception Action Gap (RPAG), a repository of international best practice and tooled solutions based on new forms of digital and community-centered data and associated training guidance.

More information can be found on the project’s website.

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