EVENTS, ENVELOPE & PODIUM projects at Connecting Europe Days 2024

Our Research Group, along with the flagship projects EVENTS, ENVELOPE, and PODIUM, participated in Connecting Europe Days 2024 in Brussels, Belgium from April 2nd to April 5th, 2024. This event brought together over 2,500 participants from EU Member States and neighboring third countries to discuss concrete measures and exchange best practices for creating a sustainable, smart, and resilient transport and mobility network in Europe. Irini Krimpa and Sevi Christoforou from I-SENSE attended the event, showcasing our innovative projects at our exhibition booth and networking with key stakeholders and partners to establish valuable connections. We extend our gratitude to PoDIUM’s project officer Pedro Alfonso Pérez Losa and esteemed ERTICO colleagues for visiting our booth. Thank you to all who visited us and contributed to the success of this event.

More information about the projects:

ENVELOPE aims to build on the success of previous Connected and Automation Mobility (CAM) related and SNS projects, with the aim to deliver 3 large scale Beyond 5G (B5G) trial site infrastructure deployments in Italy, Netherlands and Greece for CAM vertical services and beyond, by supporting them with functionalities tailored to the CAM services and advanced exposure capabilities.

EVENTS is an Horizon Europe project that brings together a complementary consortium of 12 partners with the view to deal with complex situations where the normal operation of the Connected and Automated Vehicle (CAV) is close to be disrupted (e.g., due to dynamic traffic changes, harsh weather/light conditions, unstructured road, imperfect data, sensor/communication failures, etc.). These situations are called “events” and they are creating challenges for CAVs, that should be overcome in order to enable safe and reliable automated driving in such cases. EVENTS project aims to create a robust and resilient perception and decision-making system, able to tackle the abovementioned challenges.

PoDIUM on the other side, aims to build trust and sustainability for connected, cooperative and automated mobility (CCAM) and accelerate the implementation of CCAM services. PoDIUM will identify and assess the connectivity and cooperation enablers to achieve higher levels of automation and advance important PDI technologies. The project’s final outcome will be a reference architecture, which is flexible and applicable in different road environments, offering greater resilience of transport systems towards the ‘Vision Zero’ target.

For more information on Connecting Europe Days 2024, please visit:,the%20SQUARE%20in%20Brussels%2C%20Belgium.

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