The PILOTING pilot tests in Metsovo, Grecce were completed successfully!

The second pilot tests of the PILOTING project were carried out between 26 September 2023 and 06 October 2023 in two different tunnels located in Egnatia motorway in Metsovo, Greece.  ISenseGroup was on hand to assist with the two robotic systems, CART & TT-DRONE, as well as with the data analysis and the generation of the first results regarding the identification of the tunnels’ structural failures. Also, on September 28th, the technical partners hosted a workshop called “Final Validation Field Trials of Piloting Technologies for Tunnel Inspection”.

They showcased the PILOTING Inspection & Maintenance platform and demonstrated the digital inspection process for tunnels using the PILOTING platform to various end users. During the workshop, the ISenseGroup  solution “AI-defect detection, classification & segmentation” and the team’s contribution to the “Data Management System” of the PILOTING platform were presented by Katerina Karagiannopoulou from ISenseGroup, who’s the day-to-day project manager dealing with PILOTING project.
The European project PILOTING is developing robotic solutions that improve both quality and efficiency of inspection and maintenance tasks on aging infrastructures such as viaducts, refineries and tunnels, in order to keep the necessary levels of safety.

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