The EU funded FAME project kicked-off

The EU funded FAME project kicked-off its activities in a physical meeting organized at 1st and 2nd September 2022. The 23 partners coming from 12 EU member states, met in Brussels with representatives of the European Commission – CINEA, DG RTD και DG MOVE- discussed and exchanged views and knowledge aiming to accelerate and succeed a harmonized development and deployment of CCAM in Europe.

FAME consists a “heritage” of previous EU-funded support actions, including the VRA, CARTRE and ARCADE projects. It aims at directly supporting the CCAM community and the European Commission in order to promptly identify the gaps and the future needs of the CCAM sector, establishing five specific goals:

  • Establish a European Framework for CCAM testing in public roads, comprising taxonomy, a common evaluation methodology, CCAM test data space and even a legal and ethical framework;
  • Development of a common evaluation methodology, consisting instructions regarding the evaluation procedure and the estimation of the direct and indirect socio-economic impacts at different user groups;
  • Development of a test data space for the establishment of a common, trustworthy data sharing between different stakeholders’ types within the CCAM community;
  • Engagement of the CCAM Partnership network and its enrichment by the broader European and international stakeholder community for the further development, alignment and and exploitation of the Knowledge Base content and the development of a common methodology and also a common testing framework;
  • Improvement of the current EU Knowledge Base with an efficient governance mechanism, ensuring the contribution of all interested parties in CCAM community in order to serve both their and the CCAM Partnership’s needs.
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