Seeking Software Development Engineers / Research Engineers

The I-SENSE Group of the Institute of Communication and Computer Systems, within the framework of the Research projects it is implementing, invites all interested persons to express their interest for the positions of Software Development Engineers / Research Engineers, who will be employed via work contracts in one or more projects implemented by the Institute until the end of each project.

The prerequisites and required expertise for each position are explained below.

  1. Mid-level developer/researcher on Computer Vision and Machine Learning for drone surveillance platform

Your role:

  • Design, implement and test robust models, computer vision, machine and deep learning algorithms for a drone surveillance platform including tasks such as:
    • Object detection
    • Object tracking
    • Feature detection
    • Image segmentation
    • Optical flow
    • Multi-view estimations
    • Object classification
  • Use of embedded processing platforms for on-board data processing
  • Implement suitable data fusion techniques for on-board vision and/or spectral sensors
  • Perform post processing and simulation of aerial data sets
  • Generate innovative ideas and build them into R&D working prototypes 
  • Participate in integration, measurement and validation campaigns of the prototype system

 Background: Computer Science, Information Systems, Electrical Engineering or equivalent

Qualifications and Skills: Good understanding and professional experience in Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Deep Learning/AI or equivalent and data fusion techniques. Proven background in Python, C++ programming and MATLAB. Good understanding and/or experience with drones and on-board vision and spectral sensors.

 The I-SENSE group offers a great career environment in applied research opening up the employers’ horizon to an international career. The employee would have the opportunity to work in an inter-disciplinary group while cooperating with major research/academic institutions and well-known companies in Europe and beyond. All applicants must have fluent oral/writing English skills. The positions offers:

  • Continuous learning (with the most modern methods)
  • Interesting and challenging work within large-scale projects
  • International dynamic, fast-paced working environment
  • Opportunity to work in a diverse environment with talented colleagues

You can send your CVs at:  email at: 

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