ICT4CART and 5G-IANA coordinated by the ISENSE at ITS Congress 2022 in Toulouze

On the 31st of May, the EU projects ICT4CART and 5G-IANA coordinated by the ISENSE Group organized an insightful Special Interest Session at the ITS Europe in Toulouse on a topic that has attracted much attention the latest year. Eirini Liotou from the ISENSE Group coordinated the SIS “5G for ITS: comms and computational challenges and prospects” and along with the notable speakers discussed the prospects and challenges of 5G in the advanced Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and the Cooperative Connected and Automated Mobility (CCAM) services.

During the session, the panel discussed the HW/ SW connectivity and the computing capabilities that vehicles require to meet the demands, best practices from the ongoing experiments, the required balance between on-board and network-side functionality to achieve verifiable safety, and the vision and the roadmap for a smooth transition to 5G.

ICT4CART which was recently concluded brought together, adapted and improved technological advances from the telecommunication, automotive and IT industries and provided the ICT infrastructure that enables the transition towards road transport automation. Its solutions were tested under real-life conditions with great success at four pilot sites in Austria, Germany, Italy and at the Italian-Austrian border. On the other hand, 5G-IANA, that kicked-off a year ago, aims at developing and providing an open 5G experimentation platform to various SMEs, that will enable them to the test and deploy  5G applications in the automotive sector.

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