ICCS has been awarded the CircLean label

ICCS has been awarded the CircLean label due to the institute’s active participation in industrial symbiosis activities as part of the CircLean network – European network for businesses and SMEs for industrial symbiosis. The certificate is valid for the duration of 12 months.

The CircLean label certifies the commitment and compliance of organisations and businesses in their industrial symbiosis transactions and sustainability efforts. It enhances visibility, credibility and transparency of the results reported from industrial symbiosis transactions in the EU. The CircLean label is based on the CircLean reporting methodology co-designed by the members of the network and approved by the European Commission.

CircLean developed a specific European industrial symbiosis label to certify that organisations and businesses are committed to be compliant with the CircLean monitoring and reporting approach for industrial symbiosis transactions. To date, there is a lack of neutral third-party aknowledgement and visibility of industrial symbiosis transaction in the EU. This affects the credibility and transparency of the impacts reported from industrial symbiosis activities across Europe.

The attribution of the label aims to provide a signal to industrial symbiosis counterparties that the labelholder complies with a transparent methododology in order to ensure they are trustworthy partners to other operators.


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