I-SΕNSE Group at Urban Mobility Days 2023!

The Urban Mobility Days 2023 held on 4-6 October in Seville, Spain is among the most important events about urban mobility. The event attracts policymakers, representatives from the European Commission, local authorities, academics, NGOs, industry, urban transport practitioners and more and is the perfect chance to network, discuss important topics, and share perspectives on the state-of-the-art in sustainable urban mobility planning, and strategies to improve the sustainability of mobility in cities and towns. Our team  represented by Vasilis Sourlas,  the Head of ITS/CCAM, ANNA Antonakopoulou, the Smart Mobility Applied Systems Team leader and Jason Sioutis,  the day-to-day project manager of the  ELABORATOR Project didn’t miss the chance to attend the event, network and discuss about new transport trends and technology! ELABORATOR Project participated both in the CIVITAS Initiative stand throughout the event and CIVITAS project pitches where our Anna Antonakopoulou presented the project!

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