‘EU policies and recommendations on aspects of urban mobility’ at the 2nd CIVINET Forum

I-SENSE researchers participated at the 2nd CIVINET Forum (May 28 – 30th) and in the session ‘EU policies and recommendations on aspects of urban mobility’. They shared nuances of the European strategic approach in smart urban mobility practices,policies and transportation planning.
The role of European partnerships, collaborative platforms and clusters emerged as crucial for accelerating the implementation of smart urban mobility concepts, connected and automated mobility  and electromobility, as stressed by Magda Kopczynska, Director-General (DG MOVE).
Angelos Amditis – ERTICO Chairman-, proudly represented ERTICO – ITS Europe and highlighted the power of data and collaboration when building the ‘internet of mobility’ in modern cities. John Kanellopoulos representing ALICE, Alliance for Logistics Innovation through Collaboration in Europe (ETP LOGISTICS) and focused on the European collaborative perspective on smart logistics. Our Christina Anagnostopoulou presented EIT Digital’s main pillars of action towards accelerating digital transformation in Europe and invited the local community to embrace digital innovation and skills building towards tomorrow’s smart cities.
Precious contributions Philippe Amaral(ECF),  Frank D’hondt (ISOCARP – International Society of City and Regional Planners) on how Greek cities can leverage EU initiatives to enhance sustainability and transportation planning. Lena Tsipouri summarized on the three major forces that will underline digital transition in urban mobility, a triangle shaped by technological-economic- societal factors. Antonios Tsiligiannis from POLIS Network successfully coordinated the session.

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