CitySCAPE 1st Pilot Demonstration was held in Talin!

CitySCAPE (City-level Cyber-Secure Multimodal Transport Ecosystem) will explore all different cybersecurity dimensions of multimodal transport. These dimensions will drive a characterization of the cyber-threats in the ICT multimodal transport, extended to the close-by power and financial sector. Innovative software tools will be introduced to estimate the cyber-threats propagation in the system.

The project is co-ordinated by I-SENSE Group of ICCS/NTUA and in July, organized its 1st Pilot Demostration.

The Tallinn Pilot Demonstration started on 1st of July, commencing with a two-week period where the AV shuttle was in operation in the TalTech campus area collecting data. The AV shuttle was IseAuto of TalTech.  Based on the collected data, partners developed modules and interfaces among CitySCAPE toolkit components in order to perform cyber attacks and develop mechanisms to detect them. After five weeks of preparatory works, all relevant partners gathered in Tallinn, Estonia to perform the live demo.

During the demo, technical partners also carried out comprehensive training for internal and external experts from DNSCENISA – European Union Agency for Cybersecurity, CERT France and CSIRT Greece as well as local experts from TalTech and TALLINN.

After the training sessions, technical partners performed and then showcased a live demo with two pre-defined scenarios in real conditions.  Intrusion attacks were performed on the live iseAuto systems, and the performance of the CitySCAPE modules was evaluated.

The test-cases of the Tallinn Pilot focused on improving confidence of efficient handling of day-one and specific attacks, minimizing security risks introduced by (less security-aware) external service providers, improving the fraud prediction caused by recent EU finTech market opening directives and technological advancements and minimizing the risks to personal privacy related to fraud prevention and new ticketing services. They involved a diverse range of transportation technologies, from AV shuttles to transportation fare card validation and from adaptive traffic management, from vehicle to infrastructure communications.

All the lessons learnt and the experience gained during this first, very successful pilot will be used in the second CitySCAPE Pilot Demonstration that is coming in Genova, Italy this time!

You can find photos from the pilot here!

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