SINFONICA project kicks off!

The Kick off Meeting for the SINFONICA project was successfully held at the Huis van de Nederlandse Provincies, in Brussels,  on 7 and 8 September 2022.

SINFONICA aims to develop functional, efficient, and innovative strategies, methods and tools to engage CCAM users, providers and other stakeholders (i.e. citizens, including vulnerable users, transport operators, public administrations, service providers, researchers, vehicle and technology suppliers) to collect, understand and structure in a manageable and exploitable way their needs, desires, and concerns related to CCAM. SINFONICA will co-create final decision support tools for designers and decision makers to enhance the CCAM seamless and sustainable deployment, to be inclusive and equitable for all citizens.

In the project’s kick off, patrners discussed issues related to the upcomming work, placing emphasis on the on the human-centered approach of the project  and issues related to the development of innovative tools to support the CCAM implementation process using semantic models led by ISENSE.

Lazaros Giannakos and Anna Antonakopoulou represented our team. I-SENSE is responsible for WP4 and will work towards creating a complete knowledge map (knowledge map) for the field of CCAM through semantic models, creating CCAM Vocabulary and Taxonomy, recognising  the needs and requirements of CCAM stakeholders and understanding problems, limitations and gaps in the development of CCAM solutions, and will touch upon issues related to the management of legal and ethical aspects of the CCAM scope.


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