I-SENSE group at the ITS World Congress 2021

‘Experience Future Mobility Now” is the theme of next ITS World Congress, coming in October 2021, organised by ERTICO and  hosted by the Free and Hanseatic city of Hamburg. ICCS and ISENSE research group once again will be involved in the prestigious conference, the world’s largest and most prominent event focused on smart mobility and digitalisation of transportation. Our researchers will be there organising Special Sessions presenting scientific papers, interesting project results and contributing to high level discussions on one of our favourite research topics Intelligent Transport Systems. Find where you can meet us at the 7th edition of ITS World Congress:

  • I-SENSE director, Dr Angelos Amditis being the ERTICO Chairman, will open the conference and the exhibition welcoming more than 1500 attendants and exhibitors to a rich 5day programme full of sessions, discussion and exchanges on the future of mobility. As the ERTICO chairman, Dr Amditis will also participate in a number of liaison meetings and sessions. 
  • The SIS105 Continuous Automated Driving: Large-scale trials on public roads and defragmented operational design domains  will be moderated by Dr Angelos Amditis. During the session, the main outcomes of the L3Pilot project will be presented. L3Pilot researchers are leading experts in the field of Automated Driving. Also, during ITS World Congress L3Pilot Final Event will take place to  present the results of more than four years of joint effort of 34 partners from 12 countries across Europe. The L3Pilot Driving Demonstrations and Exhibition will also run during the ITS World Congress 2021. More than ten of the L3Pilot fully equipped test cars will drive on public roads in and around Hamburg demonstrating the motorway and urban chauffeur. About 450 m² of exhibition area will display 13 of the L3Pilot test cars and feature an exhibition with videos, presentations and posters explaining the project’s results.
  • The project eCharge4drivers will present the Special Interest Session (SIS) titled ‘User-friendly, sustainable charging technologies and services promoting e-mobility concept in urban environment’. This e-mobility session will present user-centric, enhanced charging technologies and services towards promoting e-mobility concept in the urban environment and ensuring the sustainability of the charging solutions. The charging technologies and services to be discussed will address the three major concerns for the wide deployment of electric vehicles – the increased cost of electric vehicles, the inadequate (public) charging network and user acceptance issues. Dr Panagiotis Lytrivis, Senior  Researcher ICCS/NTUA is the session organiser and Dr Angelos Amditis is the moderator. Dr Evangelos Karfopoulos will also speak about innovative charging solutions (ex. battery swapping, mobile charging service) with enhanced charging information and smart charging concepts.
  • The special Session ‘SIS Cybersecurity challenges and implications in ITS’  is being organised by CitySCAPE project. Dr Karaseitanidis is the sessions’s organiser and moderator. a key-point to unlock the enormous potential that the ITS ecosystem can offer towards more efficient transportation lies in the extent to which it remains cyber-secure. During this session, the current situation will be presented and discussed, focusing on challenges and issues that need to be studied to address the growing needs of the ICT infrastructure.
  • ICT4CART Final Event will also take place in the frame of the ITS World Congress. During the final event, the ICT4CART consortium will deliver an overview of the project and the results achieved over the last 3 years. The Consortium will also showcase the use cases analysed and the testing carried out at different pilot sites. The session will be moderated by Dr Vasilis Sourlas, ICT4CART Project Manager, Senior Researcher ICCS.
  • The paper “The future of multimodal mobility as a resultant force of Traffic Management and Mobility as a Service” ( Psaltopoulos, V. Mizaras, A. Taylor, J. Tzanidaki, P. Karjalainen, L. Cononea, P. Lytrivis, A. Amditis) will also be presented during the ITS world in Hamburg.
  • I-SENSE research group also participates in a number of projects that will have a presence in the ITS World such as 5G MOBIX, 5G LOGINNOV. 

As one of the first live events in 2021 we are looking forward to meet with the world of ITS! 

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