The virtual L3Pilot Summer School 2020 was a great success!

L3Pilot Summer School 2020


The L3Pilot Summer School for the Automated Driving implementation and Testing was successful!

Thank you all for joining!

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The L3Pilot Summer School 2020 was held virtually on Wednesday 9 and Thursday 10 September with a fully booked attendance of more than 240 participants from 33 countries around the world.

Prominent speakers from academia and industry, both internal and external to the L3Pilot consortium, as well as key experts from other European projects and international initiatives in the field of Automated Driving (AD) have honored the event with their presence. The two day- event was full of intriguing presentations and constructive discussions covering the area of Automated Driving Testing and Implementation. The main challenges in the areas of AD technology were thoroughly discussed and supported by the AD community, PhD researchers, and SMEs who participated worldwide.

The event also provided the ground for 11 senior and junior researchers and PhD students to present their scientific work through a dedicated Poster Pitches Session while 3 more researchers submitted with success their posters, available in the Poster Pitches Section below.

The L3Pilot Summer School in numbers:

  • 246 registrants
  • More than 140 questions and comments posted by the audience
  • 36 Poster Pitches poll participants
  • 20 lectures from experienced in their field speakers
  • 6 Tutorial sessions focused on the key areas of: “Intro/AD key aspects/L3Pilot code of Practice/SAE L3 AD Public testing admission procedures”, “Human factors in focus”, “The road and infrastructure as an AD enabler”, “Security and Privacy concerns”, “Testing and validation framework” and “Data magic or Data into scenarios?”
  • 14 posters submitted and 11 Poster Pitches





In case you missed our online event, you can watch it in the following videos.

L3Pilot Summer School 2020 Day 1


L3Pilot Summer School 2020 Day 2



Speakers Presentations of the 1st Day 

“Tutorial A: Setting the scene”

Yves Page, Project Leader on Automated Driving Experiments, RENAULT, France


Tutorial A discussion Setting the scene

Tutorial A discussions

“Tutorial B: Human factors in focus”

Natasha Merat,
Chair in Human Factors of Transport Systems, Leader, Human Factors and Safety Group, Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds, UK


Tutorial B discussion Human factors in focus

Tutorial B discussions

“Tutorial C: The road and infrastructure as an AD enabler”

Tom Michael Gasser,
Head of Section “Automated Driving”, BASt, Germany


Tutorial C discussion The road and infrastructure as an AD enabler

Tutorial C discussions

“Tutorial D: Security and Privacy concerns”

Mehrdad Dianati,
Professor, Warwick Manufacturing Group, University of Warwick, UK


Tutorial D discussion Security and Privacy concerns

Tutorial D discussions

Speakers Presentations of the 2nd Day 

“Tutorial E: Testing and validation framework”

Johannes Hiller, Group Leader Data & Intelligent Infrastructure, Institute for Automotive Engineering, Aachen, Germany


Tutorial E discussion Testing and validation framework

Tutorial E discussions

“Tutorial F: Data magic or Data into scenarios?”


Anastasia Bolovinou, Research engineer, Intelligent Transport Systems, Institute of Communication and Computer Systems, Greece


Tutorial F discussion Data magic or Data into scenarios

Posters Pitches Session

The poster entitled “The Prediction of Pedestrian Behavior from LiDAR Data” was awarded as the best according to the audience votes during the Poster Pitches Session. Congratulations to the authors:

  • Chi Zhang (University of Gothenburg)
  • Christian Berger (University of Gothenburg)
  • Marco Dozza (Chalmers University of Technology)

Click here to read the poster!

Poster Pitches discussion

Poster Pitches Session discussions


The submitted posters to the L3Pilot Summer School 2020 are available here.

Stay tuned for the recording of the event which will be available shortly.

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