SPRINTER EU project officially kicks off!

The European project SPRINTER kicked off on the 29th and 30th of September in Berlin The project is coordinated by the Photonics Communications Research Laboratory (PCRL) of ICCS/NTUA.

SPRINTER stands for low-coSt and energy-efficient hybrid Photonic integrated circuits for fibeR-optic, free-space optIcal and mmWave commuNication systems supporting Time critical networking in industrial EnviRonments, which is a project title as impressive as its aim. The goal of the project is to develop hardware for optical network infrastructure that would support factory machines. One of the bottlenecks of industrial networks is the slow transfer of information between its sensors, processors, and motors. Industrial machines often cannot rely on cables and fibers for data transmission, as they require high mobility and spatial freedom to operate smoothly. In the case of industrial robots, complete freedom to move around factory floors is required. Optical networks have the potential to address these problems by creating entirely wireless high-speed and high-capacity networks. Using integrated photonics, we can finally harness the potential of high frequency radio waves and free-flying lasers for such applications.

Our team will be actively involved in various project activities with a particular emphasis on work related to  the performance evaluation of the different technologies of the program to be carried out in the ICCS 5G testbed laboratory environment. Our researcher Pavlos Basaras participated in the meeting.

For more information you can follow the project on Facebook, Twitter και LinkedIn.

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