RENEW project kicks-off!

RENEW is a new addition in ISENSE Group’s EU-funded projects. Its name stands for “RESILIENCE-CENTRIC SMART, GREEN, NETWORKED EU INLAND WATERWAYS” and it represents a multidisciplinary group composed of 24 participants from 11 countries of the European Union.

The consortium aims to play a key role in supporting the transition of Inland Waterways Transportation (IWT) to smart, green, sustainable and climate-resilient sector and to achieve this, it will build on results of previous projects and capitalise on cooperation opportunities with ongoing projects and initiatives. In this way, RENEW aims to deliver:

  1. An interdisciplinary IWT Resilience and Sustainability decision-support framework which will incorporate innovative models for IWT infrastructure networking interdependencies linking to probabilistic risk and safety analyses and resilience quantification (Resilience Index), supporting the identification of short- and long-term measures that enhance resilience, utilising SOA building blocks from Reference Projects;
  2. Targeted innovative infrastructure resilience and sustainability solutions building on autonomy developments and maturing green energy options;
  3. A Green Resilient IWT Dataspace and generic Digital Twin providing primarily data sharing between infrastructure monitoring, RIS and traffic management and emergency systems and climate solutions;
  4. Four Living Labs designed to provide exemplars, focusing on integrated IW and hinterland infrastructure [Gent-urban, Douro- corridor, Netherlands – EU network perspectives] and a Living Lab addressing specifically inland waterway resilience;
  5. ReNEW Outreach and Upscale activities designed to maximise impact pathways;

During the project’s framework, I-SENSE Group will be actively involved in the development of European IWT Data Space and Digital Twin solutions for Resilience and Sustainability and in the installation of water level and/or water quality sensors (in-situ data) in RENEW’s four Living Labs.

The project organized its kick-off meeting on 26-27 October in Brussels with special workshops regarding the four living labs and interesting presentations on RENEW’s Methodology Technologies & Solutions Development.

Project’s official website will kick-off soon, stay tuned!

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