With an opinion article published in the printed version of the broadsheet newspaper "Kathimerini", on Saturday 18 July 2020, the three collaborators of the EUGreenDeal initiative entitled "#GrEEnBeach: the EUGreenDeal goes to the beach" presented the scope of this environmental campaign that will be launched on Tuesday 21 July.

The article was signed by the Head of the Representation of the European Commission in Greece, Mr Markopouliotis, the Mayor of Vari, Voula, Vouliagmeni, Mr Konstantellos and the I-SENSE Group Director, Dr Amditis.

A press release was issued on the occasion of the launch of the eCharge4Drivers European project activities in 17th June 2020.

eCharge4Drivers, which is coordinated by the  I-SENSE Group of ICCS, aims to substantially improve the EV charging experience within cities and for long trips. By capturing users’ perceptions and expectations on the various charging options and their mobility and parking habits, eCharge4Drivers will develop and demonstrate pilot projects in 10 areas across Europe, including metropolitan areas and Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) corridors. Charging stations in these areas will offer user-friendly and convenient functionalities for EV drivers of passenger vehicles, motorcycles and light vehicles, such as direct payment methods and bigger, user-friendly displays.

Dr Angelos Amditis, I-SENSE Group Director, gave an interview at the Parapolitika 90,1 FM and the journalist Vangelis Kiousis on 20 June 2020 about the ongoing shift of Europe to electromobility.

An article about the European project Cyber-Mar was published on the March 2020 issue of the Supply Chain and Logistics Magazine.
The article is signed by the coordinator of the project Dr Angelos Amditis, Director of I-SENSE Group and explains the main project vision and the consortium's approach for unlocking the value of the use of cyber range in the maritime logistics value chain via the development of an innovative simulation environment adapting in the peculiarities of the maritime sector but being at the same time easily applicable in other transport subsectors.

The article is available online here <external link> and can be found at pp 28-29.

Dr Angelos Amditis, ICCS Research Director and Director of the I-SENSE Group, gave an interview on REAL FM 97,8 radio station, on Monday 8 June 2020 about the recently announced National e-Mobility Plan of Greece.

During his discussion with the journalist Georgios Psaltis, he had the chance to comment on the incentives foreseen under the e-Mobility Plan for making electromobility in Greece more attractive, in line with the goals of the European Green Deal.

2020 is turning out to be a dramatically challenging year and an important milestone for the global society. Over the past few months, human activities have been put on hold, and now we are starting to sense the consequences of global “lockdown”.

A press release was issued by the I-SENSE Group of ICCS on the occasion of the RESIST project' s successful midterm review. RESIS aims to increase the resilience of seamless transport operations to natural and man-made extreme events, protect the users of the European transport infrastructure, and provide optimal information to the operators and users of the transport infrastructure.

The press release was sent to several Greek media contacts and was published in the Athens News Agency-Macedonian Press agency <link>

The full press release is available here <link> for download.

The press release resulted in the following articles in mass media: 

It was also published at the May 2020 Issue of the Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE-TCG)  Newsletter in page 4 (External link) -(PDF).


Dr Angelos Amditis gave an interview to the journalist Christina Vidou, on 5 May 2020, about the challenges the transport sector faces in the aftermath of the Covid19 pandemic. Check it out!




Dr. Angelos Amditis interview about the challenges the transportation sector faces in the aftermath of the COVID19 pandemic was published on Sunday, 3 May 2020 in the printed edition of the Greek broadsheet newspaper "Kathimerini". The interview was also made available online and can be found at the following <link>.

Kathimerini Interview 03052020 Printed version

Banner ITS 2019 ΕΝ 002A Press Release was issued by the I-SENSE Group of ICCS to announce the 5th ITS Hellas Conference to be held on 17-18 December 2019 at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport. The Press Release is available in Greek.