Our CCAM team with PODIUM and EVENTS projects at the RTR Conference 2024

I-SENSE Group was part of the much-anticipated RTR Conference for yet another year, representing two of our team’s flagship CCAM-related projects PoDIUM and EVENTS.

Dr. Vasilis Sourlas, Technical Operations MAnager of group’s ITS division presented the PODIUM project, showcasing the project’s scope and multi-level architecture that will be implemented in the project’s 3 Living Labs in Germany, Spain, and Italy.  The session was moderated by Pedro Alfonso Pérez Losa of CINEA – European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency and Hamid Zarghampour from Trafikverket and featured representatives from our sister project AUGMENTED CCAM and MobiDataLab.

Later on the same day, Dr. Bill Roungas presented EVENTS’ current results on the System’s Architecture, data generation and new datasets and collective perception messages along with the project’s expected impact on the session “Trustworthy CCAM”.  The session was moderated by Georgios Sarros from CINEA – European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency and Oihana Otaegui from Vicomtech and featured representatives from sister projects CONNECT and SELFY.

EVENTS and PODIUM are both coordinated by our Research Team and are funded by the European Union. Dr Angelos Amditis, R&D Director at ICCS is the coordinator of both projects.

Learn more about PODIUM at https://podium-project.eu/  and EVENTS at https://www.events-project.eu/

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