Kick off for CHOICE project: Pioneering Climate Action in the Food System with ICCS at the Helm

In a bold move to combat climate change, the Horizon Europe project CHOICE has been unveiled, setting its sights on transforming the food, agriculture, and land use sectors by 2050. As the world stands at a critical crossroads, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) underscores the urgency of reaching zero emissions by mid-century to prevent catastrophic climatic impacts. Within this context, CHOICE emerges as a beacon of hope and innovation, bringing together sixteen partners across five European countries, Colombia, and South Africa.

A key figure in this ambitious initiative is the Institute of Communication and Computer Systems (ICCS). I-SENSE Group of ICCS, not only coordinates the project but also plays a pivotal role in bridging the gap between advanced technological innovations and their practical applications. Dr. Amditis, I-SENSE GROUP Director (also ICCS R&D Director), as the project coordinator, outlined CHOICE’s mission to mainstream mitigation pathways for climate-conscious change in the food chain. Following his opening speech, Nick Tantaroudas, project manager and Marilena Xarcha, financial manager, both from the I-SENSE GROUP coordination team took over. They delved into the meticulous management, administrative, and quality processes established early to align partners’ work with project expected achievements, European Commission’s regulations and the available budget.

In a significant step forward, the CHOICE consortium met in person during the project’s physical Kickoff meeting in Athens, Greece, on January 29 and 30, 2024. This pivotal gathering, successfully organised by ICCS, brought together approximately 40 partner representatives from five European Countries, Colombia, and South Africa. Building upon the strong momentum generated by our virtual Kickoff meeting back in November 2023, the physical meetup in Athens facilitated the efficient exchange of valuable knowledge and insights, marking the commencement of a three-year collaboration dedicated to driving climate-conscious change within the Agriculture, Food, and Land Use sectors.

CHOICE stands at the forefront of incorporating demand-side climate mitigation actions within Integrated Assessment Models (IAMs), traditionally biased towards supply-side measures. This pioneering project aims to enrich IAMs with a nuanced representation of behavioral changes and the diversity of actors within the food system, thereby enhancing their relevance and applicability in policymaking and among key industry stakeholders.


Duration: 36 months | Starting from 1 November 2023

EU funding: €5 million | Grand Agreement no: 101081617

Coordinator: Institute of Communication and Computer Systems

Website:  | Twitter: @ClimateChoiceEU | LinkedIn: @ClimateChoiceEU | Instagram: @ClimateChoiceEU


CHOICE Consortium: 

Institute of Communication and Computer Systems (ICCS) | Athina-Erevnitiko Kentro Kainotomias stis Technologies tis Pliroforias, ton Epikoinonion kai tis Gnosis (ATHENA) | Internationales Institut fuer Angewandte Systemanalyse (IIASA) | SDSN Association Paris (SDSN) | Stichting Radboud Universiteit (RU) | LIBRA AI Technologies (LIBRA) | InoSens Doo Novi Sad (INO) | Bioazul, SL (BIO) | Ethniko Asteroskopeio Athinon (NOA) | Environmental Reliability and Risk Analysis (ERRA) | Cooperativas Agro-alimentarias de Andalucía (CAAND) | Inoqo GmbH (Inoqo) | SUPRACAFÉ Colombia S.A (SUP) | Corporacion Parque Tecnologico de Innovacion del Cafe y Su Caficultura (TECNI) | University of Pretoria (UP) | Private Company (e-Fresh).


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