L3Pilot Summer School goes virtual

Virtual event L3Pilot summerschool2020 twitter teaser VE 02After monitoring the global health landscape, and evaluating all governmental national advisories, we are announcing that the L3Pilot Summer School, scheduled to be held on 9-10 September 2020, in Athens, Greece, is moving to a Virtual Event

We will be more than pleased to welcome you to the Virtual Edition of the L3Pilot Summer School, on 09 and 10 September 2020.

More details regarding the agenda will follow shortly.

The L3Pilot Summer School

Following a series of events organised within the framework of PReVENT, HAVEit, interactIVe and AdaptIVe Integrated Projects, the L3Pilot Summer School is focusing on the theory and practice of Automated Driving implementation and testing.

During the L3Pilot Summer School prominent speakers from academia and industry, both internal and external to the L3Pilot consortium, as well as key experts from other European projects and international initiatives in the field will present the latest developments. Participants will discuss the main challenges in the areas of AD technology, exchange knowledge and contribute to the ongoing discussions about the future of AD. Specifically, the following key areas will be thoroughly examined during the Summer School:

  • Key Enablers of AD
  • Human Factors relevant to AD in automotive engineering
  • Handling data for automation (Large scale data and Simulation Methods)
  • Needed Testing and Validation Framework and Practices

In addition, the progress of the largest piloting activities in Europe, implemented by the L3Pilot partners, will be discussed.

In parallel, a poster area will be hosted virtually, where senior and junior researchers and PhD students will have the opportunity to present their research work. More information about the organisation of the L3Pilot Summer School you may find at www.L3Pilot.eu.


The L3Pilot Summer School programme will be announced shortly at www.L3Pilot.eu.


If you wish to participate register here. Participants that are already registered for this event through Eventbrite will be able to access the online L3Pilot Summer School.

For further information please contact Ms Nantia Skepetari

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