Joint Cyber Security Webinar: Registration is open!

CitySCAPEHEIRPUZZLESENTINELSECANT and TRAPEZE  are six European projects, funded under H2020, which have joined forces to present their activities, results and different approaches on cybersecurity issues in complimentary domains in a joint webinar that will be held on 19 January 2023 at 10 CET. During the second part of the webinar an interactive panel discussion will revolve around specific challenges and possible solutions in the transport and health domains as well as looking at opportunities for SMEs and Micro Enterprises to adopt a safer posture thanks to the projects results.

The webinar is organised by ISenseGroup of ICCS and CitySCAPE Project.

Few words about CitySCAPE project

CitySCAPE project aims to systematically explore all different cybersecurity dimensions of multimodal transport. These dimensions will drive a characterization of the cyber-threats in the ICT multimodal transport, extended to the close-by power and financial sector. Innovative software tools will be introduced to estimate the threats propagation in the system. Then, CitySCAPE will realize a modular software toolkit enabled to be seamlessly integrated into any multimodal transport system to:

  • Detect suspicious traffic-data values and identify persistent threats;
  • Evaluate an attack’s impact in technical and notably in financial terms;
  • Combine external knowledge and internally-observed activities to enhance the predictability of zero- day attacks;
  • Instantiate a networked overlay to circulate informative notifications to CERT authorities and support their interplay.



Registration is free of charge but mandatory! You can book your seat here.

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