Innovation Platform on Traffic Management (TM) 2.0

The Institute of Communication and Computer Systems (ICCS) is one of the founding members of the ERTICO Innovation Platform on Traffic Management (TM) 2.0. The TM2.0 Platform originated in 2011 from TomTom and Swarco-Mizar and now regroups more than 20 members from all ITS sectors focusing on interoperable solutions for advanced active traffic management. TM2.0  was formally established on the 17th June 2014 during the ITS European Congress in Helsinki and its basic aim is to create an interface to provide a more evolved way to manage traffic. This interface will facilitate the exchange of data between vehicles and traffic management procedures, including traffic management, control and information services. Evolving from a combination of dynamic management systems and cooperative ITS, it will enable vehicle interaction with traffic management.

The ICCS group involved in TM2.0 platform acitivities is the I-SENSE Research Group. More information about TM2.0 can be foundhere.

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