ICCS became a member of the euRobotics AISBL

We are glad to announce that ICCS became a member of the euRobotics AISBL. The euRobotics AISBL is a non-profit organisation for the robotic sector that works as a ‘public-private partnership’ (PPP). PPP in general is a partnership where private sector partners, the European Union and, where appropriate, other partners, commit to jointly support the development and implementation of a research and innovation programme or activities.

euRobotics aisbl has members from the robotics industry (robot makers, component suppliers, system integrators and service providers), from academia and research, and from users of robotic systems, technologies and related services.

Goals of the Robotics PPP:

1. Develop strategic goals of European robotics and foster their implementation;
2. Improve industrial competitiveness of Europe through innovative robotic technologies;
3. Position robotic products and services as key enablers for solving Europe‘s societal challenges;
4. Strengthen networking activities of the European robotics community;
5. Promote European robotics;
6. Reach out to existing and new users and markets;
7. Contribute to policy development and addressing ethical, legal and societal.

For more information please find the euRobotics aisbl flyer here

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