ICCS among TM 2.0 SB members for 2017-2018

Dr. Angelos Amditis, Research Director and Head of the I-Sense Group of the Institute of Communication & Computer Systems (ICCS), has been re-elected in 2017 as Steering Body member of the TM 2.0 platform.

The TM2.0 ERTICO Platform was launched in 2014 at the Helsinki European ITS Congress by TomTom and Swarco-Mizar and now groups together more than 30 members from all ITS sectors focussing on new solutions for advanced active traffic management. It aims to agree on common interfaces to facilitate the exchange of data and information from the road vehicles and the Traffic Management and Control Centres (TMC), and back, improving the total value chain for consistent management and traffic services as well as avoiding conflicting guidance information on the road and in the vehicles.

Website: www.tm20.org

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