HYPERION EU project was awarded on the International Environmental Competition “EcoWorld-2021”!

On the 30th of November 2021, HYPERION EU Project, coordinated by ISENSE group, was awarded with the “Laurate 1st Series” during the International Environmental Competition “EcoWorld-2021“, held by the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences.

HYPERION received the award for its significant research contribution on the international ecological and architectural impact and it was selected among numerous international projects. As the project manager of HYPERION, Antonis Kalis mentioned “The impact of Climate Change and geo-hazards on historic areas hosting Cultural Heritage sites and monuments is of great concern globally. HYPERION’s primary aim is to assist in the adaptation to this change by strengthening the resilience of Cultural Heritage through state-of-the-art technologies”.

The received distinction is a public award for outstanding achievements in environmental protection and environmental safety, as well as in other environmental activities aimed at sustainable development in the 21 century. The competition aimed at promoting the development of environmental policy, improving the level of environmental education and environmental culture of the population, the development of environmental science, the dissemination of environmentally friendly technologies, improving public health and preserving biodiversity.

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