eCharge4Drivers took part in the RTR Conference 2023

On 15 February, eCharge4Drivers presented its user-centric technologies and solutions on the occasion of the 2023 Conference on Results from Road Transport Research (RTR). The event took place in Brussels from 14 to 16 February and brought together 61 Horizon2020 EU-funded projects in road transport to showcase the state of the European research scene in the sector.

Christina Anagnostopoulou (ICCS) presented the eCharge4Drivers project in the session entitled “GV – EV charging solutions: get the users on board”, which was moderated by Evangelos Karfopoulos (ICCS) and Monica Giannini (CINEA). Projects USER-CHI and MEISTER participated in that session as well.

The three projects shared their key research advancements and achievements towards three pillars: i) user-centric charging infrastructures, ii) interoperable and user-friendly charging services and iii) decision support tools to promote e-mobility in urban context. The project’s presentation followed the Q&A session where the current challenges of the e-mobility sector were further discussed, highlighting accessibility especially for people with impairments, acceptability of V2G services, etc.

The recording of the session can be accessed here (the eCharge4Drivers presentation starts at 23:30). You can also download the PDF of the eCharge4Drivers here.

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