CURSOR Large Scale Field Test in Afidnes- Greece

On the 24th of November 2022 the international consortium of the European- and Japanese-funded security project CURSOR conducted a large-scale field test (LSFT) in Afidnes (Greece) to test and evaluate the search and rescue (SaR) equipment developed in CURSOR in close to real conditions. This was the last field test before the final demonstration of the CURSOR SaR kit in Wesel (Germany) in February 2023.

CURSOR (Coordinated Use of miniaturised Robotic equipment and advanced Sensors for search and rescue OpeRations) integrates different components (drones, robots, geophones, information and communication technologies) to reduce the time for detection and rescue of trapped victims in collapsed buildings, whilst increasing the overall safety of Search and Rescue teams in the line of duty. The aim of the CURSOR kit is to provide data and information which will allow the USAR coordination cell (UCC) to identify and prioritise locations, develop operational plans and determine further resource requirements to extricate and rescue trapped victims in an efficient and timely manner.

For the first time, the different components of digital rescue technology were brought together and worked as a unified system. The interaction and integration of all CURSOR components (drones, robots, geophones and command and control systems etc.) were successfully tested. The scenario simulated an emergency response during an earthquake using standard INSARAG (The International Search and Rescue Advisory Group) assessment, search and rescue (SR) methodology.

The collaboration between first responders and technical partners during the test was unique and this could lead to a significant improvement in disaster victim survival rates, and a reduction in risk for first responders.

Our team I-Sense of ICCS is strongly involved in CURSOR, being the scientific and technical coordinator. The institute is responsible for the worksite communications and the development of localisation modules for the robotic equipment which have been successfully tested. ICCS is also leading Work Package 5: Information Management, Common Operation Picture and Decision Support.

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