Autonomous Vehicles and the SHOW pilot at Trikala

In the Greek city of Trikala, autonomous driving is not a moment of the future, it will be their everyday reality. For the following months, 2 autonomous mini vans will make routes on the on the outskirts of the city of Trikala, in a mixed traffic environment providing the global research community with valuable data on how we can make autonomous transportation work!
Last week, at Trikala 2030 event, Angelos Amditis presented and launched the second part of the Greek pilot of SHOW project (SHared automation Operating models for Worldwide adoption), the biggest and most holistic initiative ever piloting automated vehicles in urban environments. ICCS and ISENSE Group of ICCS will  coordinate the Greek pilot in the frame of a valuable cooperation with the City of Trikala and the University of Geneva.
8 years since the innovative CityMobil2 pilots – where the first bus without a driver in Europe crossed the central streets of Trikala-, we have succeeded in enabling a shift in the national regulatory framework governing autonomous operations for research purposes and a favourable framework for innovation to arise! We are now looking forward to great results that will guide the global future of autonomous implementations, and urban transport!

In the photo: Angelos Amditis, Anna Antonakopoulou and Giannis Karaisetanidis infront of the autonomous bus 

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