A new article on ‘The Role Of Knowledge Maps In Advancing CCAM Technologies’

The article ‘The role of knowledge maps in advancing CCAM Technologies’ by our researcher Lazaros Giannakos is available here and was produced in the frame of the project SIMPHONICA.

SINFONICA will use open sources of information related to mobility in order to enrich and provide a comprehensive knowledge base of users’ and stakeholders’ needs, requirements, expectations and concerns in a structured way, by exploiting semantic technologies and ontologies. Special focus will be given to the needs of vulnerable users and under-researched groups, including women, disabled and elderly people, ethnic minorities, people from low-income backgrounds and with varying digital literacy etc. The result of this work, namely the SINFONICA Knowledge Map, will identify gaps in the process of mapping and managing knowledge, serving as a comprehensive and innovative decision-making tool for designers and decision makers in the domain of CCAM, fostering its seamless and sustainable deployment, to be inclusive and equitable for all citizens.)





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