5G-MOBIX Final Event – Breaking Boundaries with 5G

5G-MOBIX matched the benefits of 5G connectivity with Connected Automated Mobility (CAM) services and functionalities in cross-border conditions across the EU, in Turkey, China and Korea. The project presented its final results and lessons learnt – trials outcome, tested solutions and experiences gained from all Trial Sites and cross-border corridors- in a two day event that took place on 13-14 September 2022 at CTAG, Porriño / International Bridge Tui-Valença (Spain-Portugal). Participants also enjoyed live demonstrations, including across the border between Spain and Portugal.

The first day had a more technical focus and provided the opportunity to interact with the project experts on the detailed outcomes of the trials (detailed programme hereunder). The second day (on invitation only) targeted the press, public and high-level stakeholders.

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