EVENTS: a new HORIZON project officially launched

The kick off meeting of our new project EVENTS (in HORIZON Europe) was successfully completed on 7-8th September, 2022 in Athens. Our team I-SENSE Group of ICCS, coordinates the project.

The vision of EVENTS project is to create a robust and resilient perception and decision-making system for CAVs to manage various types of “events” on the horizon. The project will allow overcoming the current CAV ODD limitations due to the dynamic changing road environment (VRUs, obstacles) and/or due to imperfect data (e.g. sensor and communication failures), while ensuring continuous and safe operation. In EVENTS, in case the system or some of the subsystems cannot perform with the expected quality and reliability, an improved minimum risk manoeuvre will be triggered.

Our Dr Panayotis Lytrivis coordinated the meeting and presented the aims of the project. Dr Vasilis Sourlas, Vasilis Rougkas and Markos Antonopoulos, Irene Krimpa, Marilena Xarxa and Efi Kontosea also participated in the meeting.

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