5G-IANA Mid-Term Review successfully completed in Athens  

It was great to host the Mid-Term Review meeting of 5G-IANA in Athens a few days ago! Our ISENSE Group that coordinates the project welcomed the project reviewers and partners at the National and Technical University of Athens premises on June 15 and 16, in a two full-day meeting, to assess the progress, achievements, and future direction of the 5G-IANA project. The review served as a significant milestone in our journey, validating our efforts and dedication to reach the project’s goals.

One of the highlights of the review was the project’s tangible accomplishments such as the submission of 22 deliverables, the completion of 7 milestones, the design of the AOEP platform architecture, the integration of the AOEP’s first cycle into NOKIA’s testbed, the launch of the project’s 1st Open Call, among others.

Now, we anticipate the next phases of the project, as we will soon be kicking-off the pre-testing phase and validation activities and as the initial business model for the 5G-IANA platform has been drafted providing insights on how third parties can further benefit with their interaction with the platform.

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