1st IRIS Stakeholders and Industrial Workshop organised by I-Sense Group!

The 1st IRIS Stakeholders and Industrial Workshop is coming on 22 February 2023 at 11 CET. During this online event, the participants will have the chance to learn all about the three pilot demonstrations that will be held during the project’s life span and observe the most mature tools that have been developed, so far.

Consortium partners will present everything you need to know about our innovative project, and an open discussion under the topic “Threat Reporting – What’s the IRIS offer?” will follow the presentations.

The workshop’s agenda and the registration link are available on the IRIS website. The registration is free of charge but mandatory!


Uptake of IoT and AI driven ICT systems in Europe is crucial for our common future, but it is dependent on our strategic ability to protect these systems from cyber threats and attacks on their privacy.

IRIS addresses this challenge with a collaborative-first approach centered around CERTs/CSIRTs. From a technological perspective, it deploys
(i) autonomous detection of IoT and AI threats, enriched with
(ii) privacy-aware intelligence sharing and collaboration, and
(iii) advanced data protection and accountability. Crucially, IRIS introduces
(iv) the first dedicated online training and cyber exercises to prepare CERTs/CSIRTs to collaboratively protect critical infrastructures and systems against cross-border AI and IoT threats.

IRIS concept is proposed as a federated threat intelligence architecture that instates three core technological and human-centric components into the threat intelligence ecosystem:

  • The Collaborative Threat Intelligence forms the nexus of the IRIS framework and core component of the architecture enhancing the capabilities of the existing MeliCERTes platform by introducing Analytics Orchestration, an Open Threat Intelligence interface and an intuitive Threat Intelligence Companion. All this supported by a Data Protection and Accountability module;

  • The Automated Threat Analytics collects and supply key threat and vulnerability assessment telemetry and respond to received intelligence, initiating autonomous response and self-recovery procedures:

  • The Cloud-based Virtual Cyber Range delivers an immersive virtual environment for collaborative CERT/CSIRT training exercises based on real-world environment platforms (and Digital Twin Honeypots), providing representative adversarial IoT & AI threat intelligence scenarios and hands-on training.

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