1st International Conference of the INTE-TRANSIT Project

The INTE-TRANSIT consortium is inviting you to its 1st International conference focusing on “ICT technologies as enablers for improved operations in modern MED ports”, that will be held on November 20th and 21st, 2014 at the Port Authority of Valencia, Spain.

By attending this conference, you will be able to network with project partners, discover the State of the Art on ICT tools used for modernisation of port logistics, the challenges that MED ports currently phasing, as well as the INTE-TRANSIT developments and ICT solutions towards the creation of an integrated management model to improve container monitoring and to modernise the organisation of the MED ports logistic areas. In parallel, a demo and poster session will take place, showcasing the project evolutions and technologies and other related activities.

This is a first ‘Save the Date’ invitation for every interested person. Participants may include port authorities and operators, freight forwarders, Shipping and Logistic Companies, Shipping/Container Lines, Transporters, Consultants and Maritime Organizations etc.

Don’t miss this event – save the date and register. We will be more than pleased to welcome you in Valencia on November 2014.

Registration is now open. Please fill in the conference registration form available here and send it via email to Mr. Vincent Ernoux, Valenciaport Foundation, ( vernoux@fundacion.valenciaport.com) by 3 November 2014. Your reservation will be confirmed via email.

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