iRASional team is making it to the semifinals of the Bosch Future Mobility Challenge!

We are very proud that the team iRASional from the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at National Technical University of Athens was selected among 75 teams, to take part in the semifinal round of the Bosch Future Mobility Challenge, an international technical competition on autonomous technologies. Many Congratulations to the team for their success which was powered by enthusiasm, lots of motivation and passion for autonomous technologies! We are expecting their next step and wish them great success in the semi finals that will take place this May in Romania.

I-SENSE Group of ICCS supports their efforts by sponsoring part of their technology equipment.

Meet the iRASional”team and representatives of  the IEEE Robotics and Automaion Society of the National Technical University of Athens Student Branch : Zerba Aggeliki (team leader), Kordas Nikolos, Kampanakis Dimitrios, Moraitis Nikolaos, Tsiatouras Thanasis, Mentor: Tzafestas Konstantinos (Assistant Professor of Robotics at the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering).

Bosch Future Mobility Challenge was initiated by Bosch Engineering Center Cluj in 2017. The competition invites student teams every year to develop autonomous driving  and connectivity algorithms on 1/10 scale vehicles, provided by the company, to navigate in a designated environment simulating a miniature smart city. The students work on their projects in collaboration with Bosch experts and academic professors for several months to develop the best-performing algorithms. For the finals, the best teams are selected, and the top ones will be awarded with great prizes.

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