Invitation for the ‘Environmental Sensor Network and IT Platform Engineering and Piloting’ : Event organized by Green C Ports project

Ι-SENSE Group would like to invite you to the upcoming event on Environmental Sensor Network and IT Platform Engineering and Piloting, organized by Green C Ports project on the 12th of May at 9:00am CEST. The event will take place online via Zoom (and in physical site) and it is free of charge.

Event’s goal is to present all the major results and lessons learned from project’s pilot cases in the ports of Valencia and Piraeus, including the decrease of port traffic congestion and reduce of CO2 emissions, predictions for air quality and noise level in the ports and last but not least predictions regarding ship-to-shore (STS) crane productivity.

It will be a great pleasure for the ISENSE Group of ICCS and the Green C Ports consortium to join us in such occasion and we are looking forward to seeing you at the event. Please use the following link to register online::

About the project 

The GREEN C PORTS global project aims to provide a suitable array of digitalisation tools and technologies to support port environmental sustainability and performance of port operations in the TEN-T Core Network.

The ports of Valencia, Piraeus, Venice, Bremerhaven and Wilhelmshaven are collaborating in this project to reduce the impact of port operations on their cities, monitor emissions from ports and vessels, optimize handling of cargo in core ports and facilitate access and egress of cargo in and out of these core ports.

This online event will show the final results of the first activity that has been completed as part of the Green C Ports project:

  • IT specifications and installation of the environmental sensor network at the ports participating in the project.
  • ​Implementation of the Port Environmental Performance (PEP) IT platform that will receive real time data from the sensor networks and from existing operating systems in each port (i.e. PCS, PMIS and TOS).
  • PEP IT platform end-to-end integration with existing systems and sensor networks.

The previously mentioned results are the first step of the pilots aiming to:

  • Decreasing port traffic congestion and reducing CO2 emissions for trucks entering and leaving the Port of Valencia
  • Optimising vessel calls at the Port of Venice before and after port closure due to bad meteorological conditions
  • Predicting air quality in the Ports of Valencia and Piraeus and generating notifications to stakeholders when certain tolerance emission levels are exceeded
  • Predicting noise level in the Ports of Valencia and Piraeus and generating notifications to stakeholders when certain tolerance noise emission levels will be exceeded
  • Predicting how ship-to-shore (STS) crane productivity will be affected by wave agitation, currents and wind and sending warnings 48 hours in advance to vessels programmed to call at the Ports of Wilhemshaven and Bremerhaven
  • Informing shippers about the real emissions generated by their shipments in door-to-door transport chains between the Iberian peninsula and the Balearic Islands

The event will count with very interesting speeches:

    • Welcome from Cpt. Weng Lin, DCEO of Port of Piraeus
    • Ministry of Shipping and Insular Policy, on “NextGen EU Funds: Possibilities to Fund Decarbonisation Projects in Greece”
    • Piraeus Municipality, on “Planning for Net-Zero Emissions in Piraeus”
    • Stefano Campagnolo, Project Manager at CINEA, European Commission, on “CEF2 Funding Opportunities for Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Facility”
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