Virtual and Augmented Reality

Research activities

Our team is developing VR applications focusing on user interaction within Virtual Environments, brain computer interfaces coupled within VEs, ergonomic evaluation using new tracking techniques and innovating integration of systems.

Our team has participated in a number of VR-related projects in the past, including the co-ordination of the largest Network of Excellence in the field of VR: INTUITION.

Work in the past
With a background in simulation and visualization techniques, ergnomic evaluations within Virtual Environments, application development for training in hazardous areas I-SENSE has successfully completed the following projects:


The Virtual Reality Groups is actively participating in national and international projects

Currently it is participating in the following Projects






The hardware equipment of the VR Lab consists of:

One Phantom Haptic Device 1.5 High Force

HMD Goggles

One Immersive Power Wall (CAVE): Stereo passive projection with 2 DLP beamers, 3 control Computers ( P4 2Ghz, GForce3 Graphics Cards), magnetic tracking for the hand (Motionstar), optical tracking for the head.


 Virtual Reality Group members

Currently the Virtual Reality Group consists of 3 researchers:







The following theses are currently available at the Virtual Reality Group

1) Εφαρμογή Εικονικής Πραγματικότητας για Ιατρική Αποκατάσταση

2) Εικονική γλυπτική με επαυξημένη πραγματικότητα

3) Υλοποίηση διαδραστικού παιχνιδιού θεωρίας παιγνίων σε περιβάλλον Εικονικής Πραγματικότητας

4) Χειρισμός συστήματος Εικονικής Πραγματικότητας μέσω φορητών συσκευών (i-phone, i-pod, android phone etc.)