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Launch Year: 2024

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RUral-uRBAN synergies emerged in an immersIVE innovation ecosystem

RURBANIVE project aims to develop 6 rural-urban enablers (RUEs), innovations in 6 domains favouring bi-directional rural/urban synergies and a well-being economy. A digital space, the “Community Store”, the prominent result of RURBANIVE, will integrate the RUEs along with the “Community of Practice Suite” of policies, facilitating rural/ urban communities to create strong synergies. The Community Store will make possible synergies and recommendations, online interaction, dialogue, collaboration, and participation of rural/urban stakeholders.

Rural-urban impressiveness (RUI), exploiting the endless capabilities of immersion, will promote experimentation and innovation in rural/ urban areas. Immersive campaigns emerging from co-creation activities will be tailored to the potential of 7 rural/ urban co-creation labs (RUCLs) and will enable rural-urban interactions through enhanced social connectivity and experimentation.

The 7 RUCLs will represent different geographical and socio-cultural EU contexts, and RUI will ensure that stakeholders across specificities are included in prototyping, testing, piloting, and demonstrating the RURBANIVE results. A novel rural-urban innovation framework, supported by social and technical innovations, will enhance territorial governance and existing policy tools by equipping RUCLs with tangible outcomes on improving their rural-urban synergies. Participatory processes will support dialogue and cooperation, enabling stakeholders to assess and evaluate approaches and scenarios that contribute further to developing synergies and recommendations. The Open Call will fund projects developing their own RUEs, based on the six RURBANIVE RUE domains, to be applied in other rural/urban areas and be available on the project’s Community Store and the RUI. An inviting and sustainable ecosystem will be created around RURBANIVE to maximize the project’s impact. The broad application of the project innovations will be enabled through the creation of business model.

The project is coordinated by our Research Group and is funded by the European Union under the Horizon Europe call.