‘What moves you, defines you’: I-SENSE Group runs in Spetses Mini Marathon 2022!

More than 40 I-SENSE Group researchers participated in the Spetses Mini Marathon (7-9/10/2022). The activity took place in the frame of our team’s annual event in Spetses Island, this weekend. We are very proud for all of those who participated in the 5km Run under our moto ‘What moves you, defines you’. The Run extended to the northeast part of Spetses and went through the center of the island, Dapia, and the Old Harbour. To view the results visit the official marathon page HERE.

The Spetses mini Marathon (SMM) event started in 2011 and today the race has taken on a global dimension as it hosts athletes from 42 different countries and has rightly been designated a “station” in Sports Tourism. Now, the Spetses mini Marathon attracts more and more participants and visitors every year, with the latest number reaching 18,000 on the island of Spetses and even in the off-season. The importance and success of Spetses mini Marathon is also demonstrated by the fact that it has become an institution – a landmark for the local community of Spetses, which has been enriched with new values. It has breathed new life into it, supporting it economically, socially and culturally. The relationship is two-way, with the Spetsians embracing the SMM as an integral part of the island’s life, not only during its run, but throughout the year. Lead by the Municipality of Spetses, the volunteers of the island are contributing substantially to this great effort, both the SMM and the Triathlon (Spetsathlon).



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