TM 2.0 ERTICO Platform on Traffic Management

ICCS is one of the founding members of the TM2.0 ERTICO platform and is currently leading the Task Force on Role of Automation in Traffic Management. Automation is an important development that has to be considered in view of the long term evolution in TM. This TF will safeguard that the evolution of TM is taking Road Automation into account. For this, it will identify and survey requirements for automated applications and for TMCs able to support Road Automation as well as for relevant data exchange between TMCs and MSPs.

TM 2.0 ERTICO Platform

The TM 2.0 Platform  was formally established on 17 June 2014 during the ITS Europe Congress in Helsinki and regroups more than 25 members from all ITS sectors focusing on new solutions for advanced active traffic management. It aims to agree on common interfaces, principles and business models which can facilitate the exchange of data and information from the road vehicles and the Traffic Management and Control Centres (TMC), and back, improving the total value chain for consistent traffic management and mobility services as well as avoiding conflicting guidance information on the road and in the vehicles.


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