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Joint webinar of the H2020 projects RESISTFORESEESAFEWAY and PANOPTIS on 10th November 2020!

Extreme weather conditions, climate change, damages to the infrastructure (caused by natural and man-made hazards) and traffic impediments negatively impact the reliability of mobility solutions. Risk analysis, adaptation measures and strategies need to be developed to minimize the impact of natural and man-made hazards on seamless transport operation, protect the users of the transport networks in case of extreme conditions, as well as provide optimal information to the operators and users of the transport infrastructure.

RESISTFORESEESAFEWAY and PANOPTIS, are four EU collaborative research projects, funded under the same call of HORIZON 2020, with the aim to ease the continuity of mobility for both people and freight even in a case of serious disruptions due to natural or man-made circumstances. Major progress is done regarding individual mode components’ resilience to damage due to extreme weather conditions, including reduction of maintenance and retrofitting needs. These projects contribute to achieve reliable modal interchanges allowing continuous fluid traffic flow even during or after a disruption. A high level of resilience of the transport infrastructure is an essential contribution to sustainable development and of impact on and adaptation to climate change conditions.

The main purpose of this Joint Workshop is for the four projects to join forces in order to find a common solution for a more resilient, more seamless and safer European transport infrastructure. During the Panel Discussion, the projects’ representatives together with the invited external experts, will be able to share experience and knowledge and discuss on the current good practices as well as the new strategies for improving resilience of the European transport network.

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